Hi, I'm Vlad

I design fintech
apps & websites to skyrocket users and revenue


My name is Vladislav Pochukalin and I'm a UX/UI designer specializing in building digital products for Fintech & Blockchain startups that boost customers and MRR. I have 6+ years of experience in designing complex web & mobile apps, user interfaces and websites for these niches.

Here are the results I’ve helped my clients to achieve:

Increased average revenue per user from $45 to $318; Built a website with 18.7% conversion rate to paying users for a new business working in highly competitive niche of crypto exchange services; Designed an ICO website that brought $2.9M in just two months; Redesigned a website that dropped cost per user to as low as $0.25.

I can help you wtih
Web applications and platforms;
Startup websites;
iOS & Android mobile apps;
Landing pages;
Desktop apps and software;
Product demo for investors or customers
User experience design;
User interface design;
Web design;
Adaptive / responsive design;
iOS / Android design

Featured projects



Platform for automated
AI trading

WEB APP design

Wall provides AI tools for automated crypto trading and portfolio management built by the team of experienced crypto traders and data scientists. Investors can pick indexes, trading bots, or neural nets that perfectly fit their investment goals and risk tolerance.

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Crypto exchange service

Web design / UX-UI design

1Сhange provides an easy way of buying and selling crypto for amateur investors who don’t want to deal with professional and complicated cryptoexchanges.

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Crypto mining platform
for gamers


Game Machine is a crypto mining platform built for gamers. With this app, players can mine crypto and use it to buy in-game items in popular online games like Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG and others.

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Investment fund website


High Rocks on Mars or just HROM is a venture investment fund that specializes in investing in early-stage blockchain startups. They help promising businesses to get off the ground by funding, marketing and consulting.

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